Dr. Shauna Diggs, Grosse Point, Michigan

At CosmedicDerm, Dr. Shauna Diggs’ team offers a caring and individualized approach to your skin care. The center is the leader in skin rejuvenation and health and it specializes in the enrichment of complexion and cosmetic enhancement. You can be assured of the best in laser dermatology technology to help you minimize sun damage and signs of aging. With the use of the latest treatments, the team at CosmedicDerm focuses on natural results and aesthetic balance.

Medical skin care procedures

If you are suffering from skin, hair and nail diseases, Dr. Diggs offers you the best in medical treatments. After evaluation of your issue and diagnosis, treatments will include a range of problems including:


Cosmetic skin care procedures

If you do not suffer from any skin problems but are simply looking for skin rejuvenation and overall wellbeing, you can walk into Dr. Diggs center as well. With age, people see a lot of changes in their skin like fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and sun damage. Whatever may be the reason for your skin issues, the latest technology and personal attention offered at CosmedicDerm will give you long lasting and natural results.

Skin care products at CosmicDerm

In addition to getting treatment at Dr. Diggs’ center, you can also shop for skin care products from the extensive range she offers. The products are the best in the industry and will help you maintain the beautiful results you get from the treatments. You can get products to deal with various skin problems like:

About Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a waterfront city in Wayne County in the state of Michigan. Studded with scenic townhouses, the city offers picnics and volleyball in summers and ice skating in winters. This coastal area comprises of five adjacent individual cities including Detroit Park, Detroit City, Detroit Farms, Detroit Shores and Detroit Woods. Dr. Diggs is located in Detroit city.

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