Ear Piercing

Here at CosmedicDerm, we offer ear piercing to our patients performed right here in our office. We perform the procedure in a way that ensures the most comfort for the patient as well as piercing the ear in the most sterile way to prevent infection.

How is it Performed?

To make the experience comfortable for our patients, we offer numbing cream for the patient to apply one hour before piercing. Once the numbing cream has sat for at least an hour, the front and back of the earlobes are cleansed and the desired area is marked and pierced. It is recommended to choose a stud made of either stainless surgical steel, 14 karat, or 24 karat gold to avoid metal sensitivities.

How do I Care for my New Piercings?

•Cleanse Twice Daily – Cleanse the front and back of the ear lobes with either hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or an ear cleaning solution without removing piercings.
•Rotate the Piercings – to help the piercings stay open and clear, rotate the earring two-three times.
•Avoid Product Build-Up – When using products like soap, hairspray or other hair and face products; be careful to not get the products in or around the piercing to avoid buildup.
•Dry After Showering – After showering, be sure to thoroughly dry the ears and wipe away any shampoo or soap that may have come in contact with the piercing.
•Keep the “Training” Stud in – In order for proper healing, you will want to keep the stud in the ear for six weeks without being removed. After six weeks, you will be able to change your earring as you like.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in ear piercing at CosmedicDerm, call Dr. Shauna Diggs’ office today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Shauna Diggs and her staff are ready to offer you best-in-class medical and cosmetic care as Michigan’s leaders in comprehensive skin health and rejuvenation.