PiQo4 Laser Treatment

PiQo4 is the latest laser technology on the market. The laser treatment can be used to help with a number of different pigment conditions, or for overall rejuvenation. The PiQo4 laser targets pigment in the skin to remove tattoos, sun and age spots, and create a more even skin tone.

What can the PiQo4 Laser Treat?

Tattoo Removal

PiQo4 offers the more powerful and effective tattoo removal option available. The PiQo4 laser can be adjusted to four different wavelengths to target and shatter 9 of the most commonly used tattoo pigments. Black pigment has always been the easiest to treat, but now you can fade your lighter colored tattoo pigments as well. The PiQo4 laser is compatible with a variety of skin types and colors. With optimal treatment sessions, your tattoo can be significantly faded and in some cases, removed completely.


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern that involves an overproduction of skin pigment, resulting in dark patches. This includes sun spots, age spots, and melasma. Hyperpigmentation usually occurs on the face and other sun-exposed areas. The PiQo4 laser can target these areas to remove the outer, damaged skin cells and promote the growth of new ones for a more even skin tone.


Along with improving abnormal pigment, the PiQo4 laser can also be used for overall skin rejuvenation. The laser energy stimulates new collagen growth within the skin to promote the growth and stronger, healthier skin. The new skin will be smoother, younger looking, and more radiant.

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