Genital Diseases

Genital Warts

Dr. Diggs can also treat moles, sclerosis, skin cancers, fungal, yeast infections and warts that may occur in the genital area. If you ever begin to see the formation of a rash or infection that you are unfamiliar with it is important to see a doctor to properly identify and treat the concern.

What are Genital Warts?

Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and can affect both men and women. These warts can cause discomfort, pain, and itching. Genital warts may be small, and sometimes hard to detect. They can appear on the penis, scrotum, groin, thighs, inside or around the anus, inside or outside of the vagina, or the cervix.

How to Treat Genital Warts

Because the HPV virus cannot be eliminated once it is in your bloodstream, genital warts can be managed, but not permanently eliminated. Several outbreaks may occur over the course of your lifetime. There are many topical wart treatments available, as well as the choice of removal through laser treatments, excision, or cryosurgery.
If you are seeking treatment for genital warts, contact our office today. The first step towards treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Diggs.