Many women struggle to achieve longer, thicker lashes due to hypotrichosis (inadequate lashes). Latisse can be prescribed to promote hair growth for longer lashes and can be bought from a doctor’s or dermatologist’s office like Cosmedicderm.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is FDA approved to promote the growth of new, longer eyelashes. Because Latisse is a prescription medication, an appointment with your eye doctor is usually required first. The liquid formula comes in a small bottle and can be applied once a day. Results can remain noticeable for as long as you choose to apply the formula.

How to use Latisse

Latisse comes in a small bottle with clean brushes provided in the kit. Every night before bed, place one drop of Latisse on the clean brushes and apply it to the upper lashes only. As you sleep, your eyelashes will touch, distributing the prescription formula to the lower lashes as well.


With continued use, you can see results within two months and more dramatic results after four months of treatment. Your eyelashes will appear noticeably longer and thicker. You can maintain these results for as long as you continue your prescription, but eyelash length will gradually go back to their original appearance if you discontinue use. The most common side effects of Latisse are dry, itchy eyelids.

Schedule a Consultation

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