CoolSculpting Can Help You Get the Best Out of Your Summer

If you’ve resolved to make this summer your best one yet, then CoolSculpting can be an unlikely candidate for helping you feel like your best self. With a few easy treatments at our Grosse Point office, there are a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons to consider beginning your CoolSculpting treatment package with our expert technicians.

Lose inches where it counts

If there’s one thing that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s that losing inches of stubborn fat is hard work. If you’ve been at it for a while, it can even be pretty defeating. There are a lot of reasons for this, but CoolSculpting has been shown to reduce a substantial percentage of fat with each treatment. Especially when you want to spend time outside, CoolSculpting can help you ease off on the struggle and feel great about your contours and showing them off.

Enjoy the outdoors the way you want to

Although getting some exercise in the beautiful summer weather can be its own reward, you likely have some other things you’re looking to enjoy outside. CoolSculpting can mean you get more enjoyment out of your preferred activities rather than worrying about exercising to lose stubborn fat in the heat and humidity. We can even perform CoolSculpting on two separate areas with our two platforms, so you get twice the results in half the time. If you’re looking to simply enjoy the sunlight on the beach, CoolSculpting can help you feel great doing it.

Maximize your fun time

For a lot of reasons, summer is the time to enjoy your hobbies, your time, and your loved ones. With CoolSculpting, there’s no need to worry about intense exercise regimens that take up your free time. With a few quick treatment sessions (around 30 minutes each), you can get back to spending time with your kids and doing the things you love to do. Our expert patient coordinators can even help you maximize your schedule with treatment sessions that work best for you.

Schedule a Consultation

CoolSculpting can be an excellent way to reduce fat and feel confident showing off your favorite areas. To get started on losing fat and maximizing your summer, schedule a consultation with our expert technicians who can create the right treatment plan for you. You can schedule a consultation by calling our Grosse Point office or filling out our online form.