How to Get the Best Out of Your Chemical Peel Treatment

If there’s one medical skincare treatment that produces the best, most noticeable results, it’s the chemical peel. A chemical peel uses custom-formulated, acidic solutions to chemically exfoliate the skin and remove dead and damaged skin cells. This process can have many benefits, so it’s important to make the most out of your chemical peel. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your consultation.

Know your goals and your skin

If you’re considering a chemical peel, you most likely have some specific concerns in mind. These are important to discuss with your dermatologist who can recommend the best chemical peel treatment for you. However, it can be helpful to be familiar with your skin and what you’d like to achieve. For example, if you find that your skin gets oily throughout the day, then your chemical peel can be used to address congestion and avoid acne. If you find that your skin is dry and patchy, a chemical peel can help to clear away dried cells and better introduce moisture.

Avoid certain products and supplements beforehand

You’ll likely discuss this during your consultation, but you should be prepared to stop taking certain vitamins and supplements before your peel so that your skin will respond well to the treatment. Additionally, you should review your products and active ingredients to ensure that they won’t affect the process either. It can even be helpful to only apply gentle, unscented products during your morning routine the day of your peel.

Boost your at-home regimen

Maintaining your results from a chemical peel is one of the most important steps. If you don’t already use chemical exfoliants in your regimen, Dr. Diggs can recommend the right products for you from our in-house line of products. These active ingredients, sometimes called alpha-hydroxy acids or beta-hydroxy acids, can help remove dead or damaged skin cells and prevent congestion. You should also be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen in the days and weeks following your peel to ensure that you aren’t susceptible to sun damage or pigmentation.

Opt for a treatment package

Chemical peels can work great as both a deep treatment and a regular part of your skincare regimen. Most dermatologists recommend undergoing medical-grade skincare treatments around once per month, although this can depend on your goals and concerns. Dr. Diggs can discuss the right treatment plan for you during a consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

To see how a chemical peel can benefit you and your skincare goals, contact our Grosse Point office by calling or filling out our online form. Our expert patient coordinators can schedule a consultation with Dr. Diggs and our skincare specialists.