3 Things You Might Not Know About CoolSculpting®

There’s a lot of hype about CoolSculpting because of its excellent, fat-reducing results. However, CoolSculpting isn’t just a quick and easy procedure. There are some interesting things to know about it, and here are just a few.

It owes its roots to popsicles

CoolSculpting is the result of some further study into the phenomenon called ‘popsicle panniculitis’. This occurs in some children where sucking on popsicles results in a loss of cheek fat. This first established the link between cold temperatures and fat reduction. When applied correctly, this process is called cryolipolysis and is the basis for CoolSculpting technology. Since then, it has undergone rigorous FDA and clinical testing to become of the safest and most effective non-surgical fat reduction treatments available.

The magic temperature is about 39⁰F

The original creators of CoolSculpting determined that cryolipolysis is most effective about 39⁰F, which affects the underlying fat and not the skin. This is possible because fat is affected by cold at a higher temperature than skin or other tissues, meaning the CoolSculpting technology must be precise enough to maintain this exact temperature for prolonged periods of time for best results. If the temperature is any lower or higher, it can damage the skin or become ineffective.

There’s an applicator for every treatment

CoolSculpting isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment, and each device comes with a selection of applicators to treat every area— and more are being constantly developed. These include specially-shaped applicators to treat small or curved areas like the upper arms, chin, and abdomen. At CosmedicDerm, we offer two machines for use during one treatment session, meaning you can address two areas at once with specialized applicators.

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