As colder temperatures appear and the winter season approaches, our skin will begin to require more protection from the drying heat indoors and the harsh cold temperatures outside. Changing up your skincare early on can make a big difference in supporting your skin through the cold months ahead. The following tips will help you get ahead of the dreaded dry flaky winter skin and help you stay glowing all winter long.

Schedule an Exfoliating Treatment

In order for the subsequent steps to be helpful, it’s important that you come into CosmedicDerm for a treatment to help remove dead skin cells and congestion. By removing dead skin cells and impurities, your skin can better receive skin care products and moisture. In this case, a microdermabrasion, laser peel, or chemical peel would be recommended depending on your skin type and concerns.

Add More Moisture

While your skin requires hydration all times of the year, most people notice a steep decrease in moisture as soon as the humidity lowers and the temperatures become harsher. As for a skincare routine at home, your routine doesn’t need to change drastically. The products in your routine can essentially stay the same; however, the addition of a heavier moisturizer is one of the simpler ways to edit your regimen. Some of the CosmedicDerm products we would recommend adding into your routine are the Hydrating Hand Therapy and a heavier night cream such as the Intensive Hydra-Therapy Cream.

Check Your Habits

In addition to products and treatments there are quite a few habit-based tips that you can follow for more hydrated skin:

  • -Add a humidifier in your home
  • -Avoid washing your face with hot water
  • -Don’t spend a lot of time outside in the cold without protecting your face
  • -Apply night-time skin care products right after showering while pores are open and receptive
  • -Take it easy with harsh acids; your skin may tolerate them better in warmer, more humid temperatures.
  • If you think it’s time to prepare your skin for winter, call CosmedicDerm today to schedule your next treatment or consultation!