The Best Skin Treatments to Get This Fall

Recover From Summer: Why You Should Get Facial Treatments This Fall

The advent of fall and oncoming winter after a sizzling summer can be exciting, but it can also shed some light on the damage done to your skin over the summer. However, facial treatments can help undo this damage and protect your skin against the elements during fall and winter. Here’s some info on the best treatments for fall that you can get from Dr. Shauna Diggs.

How Does a Hot Summer Damage Your Skin?

Hot weather can cause sweat and skin oils to clog follicles, glands, and pores, which can cause or exacerbate acne. In addition, things like summer air or chemicals in pools can dry out and irritate your skin, and UV rays can cause uneven pigmentation and sun damage.

Why You Should Visit a Dermatologist for Summer Skin Damage

With the weather cooling down, sunlight easing up, and fewer reasons to be outside for extended periods, your skin will be less susceptible to damage, making fall and winter the perfect times to give your skin a little extra love with facial treatments.

Your dermatologist, combined with a proper skincare regimen, can keep your skin healthy and vibrant and prevent itchiness or physical discomfort from skin damage during these cold seasons.

How CosmedicDerm Can Help You Revitalize Your Skin

If summer has taken its toll on your skin, CosmedicDerm is here to help. We have a selection of treatments at our Grosse Pointe, MI, office that can restore and protect your skin just in time for the colder months ahead.

Option 1. Chemical Peel

During a chemical peel, a peeling agent is applied to clean and neutralize the skin’s ph. It will cause dead skin to peel off over five days to a few weeks and help speed up new cell growth and increase collagen production. Chemical peels are great because they help address several problems in one go, such as skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, and roughness.

Option 2. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a process that exfoliates the upper layers of your skin away with a special mineral-tipped device. What makes microdermabrasion unique is its customizability to each patient’s needs, with crystal or diamond tips being used depending on how abrasive or hard-to-reach certain areas are. The treatment will allow new, undamaged skin to shine through.

Option 3. Laser Treatments

Laser treatments such as Fraxel can be an excellent way to treat various skin issues, especially for patients who have received other treatments but saw minimal to no improvement. The process involves using concentrated pulses of light to resurface the skin and zap away uneven pigmentation, age spots, and acne, among other issues.

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If you’re interested in getting a facial treatment to help restore your skin, then Dr. Shauna Diggs and the rest of her team at CosmedicDerm can help you find the right kind.

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