Introducing PiQo4: Your Pigmentation’s New Worst Enemy

If you’ve got unwanted pigmentation including tattoos, then the PiQo4 treatment system might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Laser treatments are a common way to break up pigmentation in the skin, but many can require many sessions to get results. CosmedicDerm and Dr. Diggs offer this new treatment system to effectively shatter pigmentation and treat a variety of other skin conditions with fewer treatment sessions. Here’s what our new PiQo4 technology has to offer.

Fast, High-energy Laser Pulses

Laser skin treatments generally work by delivering very fast laser energy pulses to be absorbed by the pigment in the skin, which destroys the pigment. The PiQo4 system emits pulses in either nanosecond or picosecond increments. For the record, a microsecond is faster than a millisecond, and a nanosecond is even faster than that. Combined with higher power energy than other similar systems, this technology effectively breaks down pigment deposits into smaller and smaller pieces until they can be safely absorbed by the body.

Effectiveness at Deeper Levels

Sometimes, pigment can exist far down in the dermis and therefore be difficult to reach. If can also take longer if your pigmentation covers a larger area, but PiQo4 is effective at destroying pigment far down and utilizes a wide selection of treatment spot sizes. This has also been shown to reduce the risk of any unwanted skin effects after treatment, like hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, scarring, or changes in skin texture.

Four Wavelengths

Because of the way that the laser energy is absorbed by pigment, having multiple wavelengths offers a wider array of colors that can be broken down. For tattoos that are colorful, this can be greatly beneficial, and the treatment can also be tailored to your specific skin type. However, some tattoo colors can still be difficult to remove due to the nature of light energy and the way the tattoo interacts with the skin. But, PiQo4 treats a greater array of colors than other, similar systems.

If you have pigmentation you want to address and would like to learn more about PiQo4 treatments, contact CosmedicDerm to schedule a consultation.